End of an Era (TWR)

On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, I returned theweeklyriff.com, .net, and .org, back in to ether known as the world wide web. Yes, after 11 years, the journey is finally over. Am I sad? No. I had made my peace with the closure of the business back in 2017. When I initialized closure procedures in 2015, […]

Good bye Kitarakellari

“All good things must come to an end” After two years with Kitarakellari, it is time to bid farewell. I left a week ago. Initially, I wasn’t going to write about my departure, but then I decided that I probably should write something in my blog since a pretty big part of my life over […]


Ctrl+Alt+Del=Time for Change It has taken a year for me to prepare myself for this, but it is time to reset things. Between being human and putting things off out of reluctance, and prioritizing the needs of those around me after I learned to walk again, it is time to shift things. I have been […]

I’m in a Band (November 2018)

A NEW BAND I have joined a band as a bassist. It is not a professional project, just for fun with a couple of guys. We have yet to name the project. It is a blues/rock based covers project, though we will probably be doing some of my own music from the “Outside Looking In” […]

Update (August 2018)

The Unexpected Accident Right at the start of summer, on June 9, 2018, to be exact, I broke my ankle in two places. This was supposed to be a summer of action and I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish. However, I got operated on and they installed 9 screws permanently […]

Kitarakellari Blues in A

I recently released a tune on the Kitarakellari Oy YouTube channel called “Kitarakellari Blues in A”. This is a tune I have had for sometime and it was originally titled “Lucky Nucky”. Sort of an ode to the character of Enoch Malachi “Nucky” Thompson from the hit TV-series “Boardwalk Empire”.  I figured I would just […]

New Job: Kitarakellari + some other updates

New Job: Kitarakellari I’ve returned to teaching after a two year hiatus from teaching. I started working at Kitarakelari on September 1, 2017. Kitarakellari is a small guitar shop in Kauniainen, Finland, that was established in 2012, and is located in a cellar. (Kitara = guitar and kellari = cellar) Please feel free to drop […]

Original Poetry: “Depression” by Jose Bernardo

Depression Depression … that silent debilitation … the hurt that is masterfully masked … the nigh endless desperation of a haunting solitude that rips the soul apart a million times per second and that inaudible scream that cries endlessly of the fear and loathing wedged deep in the crevasses of the mind … the yearning […]

Vlog: Chicken Nuggets + Dip Shootout

The Premise of the Chicken Nuggets Shootout I wanted to do another food video and got to talking with my friend, Thomas, who suggested that we should do a chicken nugget shootout together. So, he’s in the video and we executed his idea with my methodology. We essentially followed the idea from the cheeseburger shootout […]

Original Poetry: “A Pointless Poem” by Jose Bernardo

A Pointless Poem Words Flow For no apparent reason Their existence Is perhaps Pointless Hurt, anger, happiness Thought, fantasies Human Madness Reverse Forward Talk with hands Talk to the hand Lies Truth Beliefs I’ll argue!?! Pointless! Useful! Why bother . . . Do you listen??????????????? This is an original piece by Jose Bernardo. 2001 © […]