Vlog #2: “A Story of Winter, Recording, and Ice Hockey”

My 2nd Vlog Episode Since I’m not going to do daily vlogging, I will stitch together vlog episodes from stuff that happens to me. I am not scripting any of it, but I am thinking about what I want to say and how I want to film it. So there is some premeditation, but there […]

Video: “I Do” by Lisa Loeb (Instrumental Cover)

Covering Lisa Loeb’s “I Do” I was originally planning to cover something totally different this week, but then remembered this song. I always liked this song. It has just the right combination of retro and modern which makes it timeless. This song used to be one of my “warm up” songs before a practice session […]

Vlog #1: “I’m Not a Singer”

  My First Vlog I became intrigued with vlogging last year (2016) when I happened upon Casey Neistat on YouTube. I was hooked and quickly realized that there were so many people vlogging! There was Fun for Louis, Ben Brown, Shonduras, Sawyer Hartman, etc. What’s the goal? I highly doubt that I will turn this […]

Video: “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran (Instrumental Cover)

“Ordinary World” by Duran Duran I have a long list of songs I’ve wanted to cover for many years. This week, I decided to tackle “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran, and make a quick trip over to the 1990’s in order to contrast my last three covers which were songs from the late 1980’s. This […]

Video: “Lost In Your Eyes” by Debbie Gibson (cover)

“Lost In Your Eyes” by Debbie Gibson I remember it almost as if yesterday when I first heard this song. It’s one of my all time favorite ballads. I can’t even begin to explain just how much I love this song. I believe I heard this in 1989, although it was released in the US […]

Journal: Another New Year – 2017

Happy New Year! I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017! May it be better than 2016. As a new year dawns, there are so many things that run through my mind. The things I didn’t accomplish and the things I did. Everything that needs fixing and everything that has been fixed. I take […]

Video: “Eternal Flame” (Instrumental Cover)

New Covers I have been wanting to do a series of covers on YouTube for several years. Specifically covering music from my childhood and adolescence, the 1980’s – 1990’s. When I did the “Faith” cover just a few days ago, I decided that it was time to tackle this project. “Eternal Flame” This time, I’ve […]

Site Update: New Pages and Features

I have updated my site and taken some time to redesign a few pages. I will resume with a regular posting schedule that will be announced in January 2017. Below are a couple of highlighted update points. I hope you enjoy my improved site. Cheers! Jose New Pages “VIDEOS” I have gathered videos from YouTube […]