Video: “Rain” by Madonna (Instrumental Cover)

I HAD TO TAKE DOWN MY COVER OF MADONNA’S “RAIN” – update March 14, 2017 I got hit with a copyright claim and they muted my video. I tried to appeal it, but it got denied. Since it is pointless to keep up a muted cover video, I took it down. Sorry. I really enjoyed […]

Video: “The Best” by Tina Turner (Instrumental Cover)

Choosing a Tina Turner Song There are obviously so many to choose from when it comes to an artist like Tina Turner. “The Best” is probably my favorite song by her from my childhood. Turner’s career spans so many years that she was still making new records when I was a kid. I remember this song […]

Video: “Isang Gabi” by Jose Bernardo [2017]

I made a little video of myself playing this tune which I released in 2006 on “Outside Looking In”. The 2006 version featured guitar playing by me and Eric Ecklund. I played the bass and percussion on the 2006 version as well.

Video: “Come To My Window” by Melissa Etheridge (Instrumental Cover)

  My Thoughts on “Come To My Window” by Melissa Etheridge Ever since first hearing “I’m the Only One”, I’ve been a fan of Melissa Etheridge. I still listen to that song regularly. But, I’ll talk about that song another time. This time I want to talk about “Come to My Window”, which is also a […]

Gear: TC Electronic BodyRez Pedal

BodyRez This is my new secret weapon. Well, not so secret now. I love this little pedal for what it does. I don’t totally understand what it does, but it does something very cool. The room I record in is not very quiet. It isn’t a studio quality room. I’m also surrounded by drummers at […]

Vlog: Half Deaf Cover Videos

The Deeper Story Behind this Episode I was born deaf in my left ear. A congenital condition. One that can not be fixed. As a child, I wanted to become a musician and was always told that I couldn’t since I was deaf or people would make fun of me for thinking I was Beethoven. […]

Video: “Run Baby Run” by Sheryl Crow (Instrumental Cover)

My Thoughts on Sheryl Crow I am a fan. A big fan! Ever since “Tuesday Night Music Club”, I have found several songs to like in her every release. So, this is just the first of many songs from Crow that I will be covering. I won’t say which songs are on my list. You’ll […]

Vlog: My First Wife

No Spoilers I have decided that I won’t include separate notes on this vlog episode here in my blog. You’ll just need to watch this one in order to know what this one is about. OK, maybe just one note: The guitar has had this name well before I met my wife and she’s cool […]

Video/Music: First Lyric Videos by Jose

A New Experiment I have made my very first lyric videos. They’re very basic and certainly not flashy like most lyric videos are, but they’re a first step into a new thing for me. I decided to pick the two songs I had co-written with my friend Eric Ecklund, which were released in my 2006 […]

Video: “Lightning Crashes” by Live (Instrumental Cover)

“Lightning Crashes” by Live The Inspiration Behind this Cover Video Back in 1996-1997, during my junior and senior years in high school, I was in a cover band called Rejemillz. I played drums in the band. This was a song we used to play. I have a lot of great memories from that time. Especially […]