Original Poetry: “Depression” by Jose Bernardo

Depression Depression … that silent debilitation … the hurt that is masterfully masked … the nigh endless desperation of a haunting solitude that rips the soul apart a million times per second and that inaudible scream that cries endlessly of the fear and loathing wedged deep in the crevasses of the mind … the yearning […]

Original Poetry: “A Pointless Poem” by Jose Bernardo

A Pointless Poem Words Flow For no apparent reason Their existence Is perhaps Pointless Hurt, anger, happiness Thought, fantasies Human Madness Reverse Forward Talk with hands Talk to the hand Lies Truth Beliefs I’ll argue!?! Pointless! Useful! Why bother . . . Do you listen??????????????? This is an original piece by Jose Bernardo. 2001 © […]

Original Poetry: “Slowly” by Jose Bernardo

Slowly Kiss me Do you really need me? Love me Should I be so lucky? Slowly Let me fall in love with you Shake me If I laugh Taste me When your lips caress mine Slowly Let me fall in love with you Lay awake Light the way for me Find me Should I get […]

Original Poetry: “Hypnotized by You” by Jose Bernardo

Hypnotized by You It’s quarter to 3 Night or afternoon It matters not Time flies And it’s all so meaningless to me …I float… In the same place Motionless As if I were in the Dead Sea On a waveless day In a moment Shorter than a blink of an eye Things happen in peoples’ […]

Original Poetry: “Meeting Jimi” by Jose Bernardo

Meeting Jimi It started out like a dream I was floating in the air Amidst the blazin’ purple haze, Green horizon, And an orange moon The globe was kind of crater like As if turned inside out I guess the universe must have shrunk Kind of So I asked this guy on the road “Where […]

Original Poetry: Will Resume Posting Poetry Soon

Hello Dear Reader! I just wanted to quickly give an update that I’ll resume posting new poems soon. I’m planning to present my poetry a bit differently and need some time to work on the new presentation. The poems that have been published already will stay up. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. I will […]

Original Poetry: “Bar Talk” by Jose Bernardo

Bar Talk I’ll pick a conversation with you Why? You’re cute I’ll ignore you Why? Because you’re annoying I’ll put up with you Why? Because I must I’ll be leaving Why? Because some people actually have jobs I’ll call you Why? On second thought I won’t I’ll see you later… Hopefully never… This is an […]

Original Poetry: “Lost to Her in Thought” by Jose Bernardo

Lost to Her in Thought I set sail onto a sea of troubles Tempest are thy waves Only a faint thought lingers in the back of my mind As I fight the elements to balance my ship My true love is in my mind’s eye I cast a glance at the sea Angrily it tosses […]

Original Poetry: “My North Star” by Jose Bernardo

My North Star I dream of you Endlessly With each passing moment I only long to be with you Just to gaze upon your smile Just to get lost in your eyes To breathe the same air To accidentally brush your hand My heart pounds faster My breathing is shallow Just the thought of you Drives […]

Lyrics: “Beyond the Light” by Jose Bernardo

Beyond the Light “Beyond the Light” is a song I wrote while I was a student at Berklee College of Music, but never got around to recording it or publishing it. I always liked the lyrics I came up with, so I’ve decided to share them. I wrote these lyrics while hearing Geddy Lee’s voice singing these […]