Original Poetry: “Slowly” by Jose Bernardo

Slowly Kiss me Do you really need me? Love me Should I be so lucky? Slowly Let me fall in love with you Shake me If I laugh Taste me When your lips caress mine Slowly Let me fall in love with you Lay awake Light the way for me Find me Should I get […]

My love for Soundgarden and Chris Cornell

Rest in Peace Chris Cornell Much of the internet is abuzz today with news of the sudden passing of Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell. As I sit here trying to make sense of this news, I am going to pour my sadness out here on to my blog. I don’t normally cry when my […]

Original Poetry: “Hypnotized by You” by Jose Bernardo

Hypnotized by You It’s quarter to 3 Night or afternoon It matters not Time flies And it’s all so meaningless to me …I float… In the same place Motionless As if I were in the Dead Sea On a waveless day In a moment Shorter than a blink of an eye Things happen in peoples’ […]

Site Update: Jose’s Gear Page (May 2017)

Jose’s Gear Page Update (May 2017) Jose’s gear page has been updated. Please click the link below to see the page or click GEAR under “About Me” in the site menu above. https://halfdeafguitarist.com/en/gear/

Original Poetry: “Meeting Jimi” by Jose Bernardo

Meeting Jimi It started out like a dream I was floating in the air Amidst the blazin’ purple haze, Green horizon, And an orange moon The globe was kind of crater like As if turned inside out I guess the universe must have shrunk Kind of So I asked this guy on the road “Where […]

Lessons & Tips: Marking Music (Part 1)

Marking Music (Part 1) In this lesson video, I am using Joe Satriani’s “Tears in the Rain” as an example piece. I am concentrating on the first 8 measures of this beautiful composition. Part 2 will focus on the last 8 measures of the first half of this song. While this video turned into more […]

Video: “Baby Baby” by Amy Grant (Instrumental Cover)

“Baby Baby” by Amy Grant “Baby Baby” is a song by Amy Grant and Keith Thomas. Thomas wrote the music and Grant wrote the words. The song was released as a single in 1991. The arrangement and key in this video is based on a live arrangement from one of Grant’s performances which is embedded below. […]

Lessons & Tips: Top 5 (overlooked) Essential-Guitar-Accessories

Top 5 Essential-Guitar-Accessories All opinions expressed here are IMHO and all expressed in the video below. 1. A Good Gig Bag This is not an area where you want to be stingy. You don’t have to have the latest and greatest, most expensive gig bag, but you do want to have something that is well […]

Video: “Words Get in the Way” by Gloria Estefan

“Words Get in the Way” by Gloria Estefan I am a HUGE Gloria Estefan fan and would love to cover a lot more of her music. It was really tough to choose a song from her to start with. I ended up with this one because I was “feeling” this song the day I was […]