Vlog: Chicken Nuggets + Dip Shootout

The Premise of the Chicken Nuggets Shootout I wanted to do another food video and got to talking with my friend, Thomas, who suggested that we should do a chicken nugget shootout together. So, he’s in the video and we executed his idea with my methodology. We essentially followed the idea from the cheeseburger shootout […]

Vlog: Half Deaf Cover Videos

The Deeper Story Behind this Episode I was born deaf in my left ear. A congenital condition. One that can not be fixed. As a child, I wanted to become a musician and was always told that I couldn’t since I was deaf or people would make fun of me for thinking I was Beethoven. […]

Vlog: My First Wife

No Spoilers I have decided that I won’t include separate notes on this vlog episode here in my blog. You’ll just need to watch this one in order to know what this one is about. OK, maybe just one note: The guitar has had this name well before I met my wife and she’s cool […]

Vlog #2: “A Story of Winter, Recording, and Ice Hockey”

My 2nd Vlog Episode Since I’m not going to do daily vlogging, I will stitch together vlog episodes from stuff that happens to me. I am not scripting any of it, but I am thinking about what I want to say and how I want to film it. So there is some premeditation, but there […]

Vlog #1: “I’m Not a Singer”

  My First Vlog I became intrigued with vlogging last year (2016) when I happened upon Casey Neistat on YouTube. I was hooked and quickly realized that there were so many people vlogging! There was Fun for Louis, Ben Brown, Shonduras, Sawyer Hartman, etc. What’s the goal? I highly doubt that I will turn this […]