half deaf guitaristCtrl+Alt+Del=Time for Change

It has taken a year for me to prepare myself for this, but it is time to reset things. Between being human and putting things off out of reluctance, and prioritizing the needs of those around me after I learned to walk again, it is time to shift things.

I have been working on building a catalog of ideas and really trying to set out achievable goals. I realize that it may seem like I have neglected my blog and YouTube channel. That is certainly not the case and both are very much in my mind.

This post is the first step in bringing the blog back. I need to write again and this is certainly some kind of outlet for that. In the coming weeks, there will be a little more activity here. I’m not setting a schedule for this. Let’s just let it play out organically.

As far as YouTube is concerned, I am still trying to think of what the next steps there are. I have a couple of unedited videos that I should work on. They will surface when I get a chance to sit down to work on them and turn them into new little gems.

Music. It is always on the horizon and on my mind. Perhaps more than anything. I’m not in a place where I’m ready to climb that mountain emotionally. When I’m ready, things will happen on that front.

Hope to see you guys soon on here. Be good to each other and keep smiling.



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