I’m in a Band (November 2018)


I have joined a band as a bassist. It is not a professional project, just for fun with a couple of guys. We have yet to name the project. It is a blues/rock based covers project, though we will probably be doing some of my own music from the “Outside Looking In” period. 

Why did I join a band now? Well, it happened by accident. One of our clients at work was looking for a bassist to cover that job for a fast approaching gig. I filled in and then got asked to join. The guys in the band are nice fellows and it’s fun to play music that I haven’t played before. There is a lot of Finnish pop/rock in the set. 


I’m still teaching at Kitarakellari Oy. If you know of someone who wants lessons with a flexible schedule, please pass on the info. See the link below:

Teaching info in Finnish (click here)

Teaching info in English (click here)


I have been mentoring Berklee students through a new initiative of Berklee that is a partnership with Mentor Collective. It’s going well. I am glad to volunteer my time to help younger musicians figure out their paths. I wish Berklee had a mentorship program when I attended.


I’ve been away from making videos on YouTube for several months now. The new studio is almost done and video production will start again soon. My foot has healed well and aside from the occasional discomfort caused by the nine screws in my foot, things are looking good. I wish it hadn’t happened since it is the main reason for my delayed return to making videos.  


Here’s wishing a very happy holiday season to everyone! There’s a lot going on and I will definitely keep you all updated. 



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