Original Poetry: “Hypnotized by You” by Jose Bernardo

half deaf guitarist

Hypnotized by You

It’s quarter to 3
Night or afternoon
It matters not

Time flies
And it’s all so meaningless to me

…I float…

In the same place
As if I were in the Dead Sea
On a waveless day

In a moment
Shorter than a blink of an eye
Things happen in peoples’ lives
But moments that we shared
Keep on flashing right before my eyes

…I’m lost…

For minutes

Does it matter?
Do you think I care???

…     s     l     o     w     l     y     …

The meanings of the metaphors change
As if you could hear the joints of Father Time cracking

Things don’t only fall and crash
But the sound of destruction echoes

It echoes in so many directions
In the past
The moment
The future

And the tremors are felt
In the bones of death
Who announces himself
Just as boldly as an angry rattle snake on a Texan plain

So yet another dissonant chord
Has been dealt by the composer
For his audience to battle with
And the applause
Few and scattered
For the genius is yet to be understood

…I’m found…

The occurrence is so magnificent

It is as though my consciousness has been awoken for the first time

…It is quarter to 3…

Noon has passed


Maybe I am mistaken

Is the moon’s full splendor still waiting to be complimented?

It is hard to tell in the midst of these dark winter days

I’ll take a drag off my cigarette
Lounge backwards
Go off to another journey through space and time

I will soon be lost again
As thoughts of you begin to impale my mind

Maybe the next time I look at the face of Father Time
He’ll look younger

…It will be two forty six…


“Exhale and close your eyes
A warm light surrounds
Surrender to it
And picture a person you like there with you…”

This is an original piece by Jose Bernardo.
2000 © Jose Bernardo All Right Reserved

Please note that the poem above is my original work and that I reserve all rights to it. If you wish to use or reprint anything from my website, please contact me first.

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