Vlog: Chicken Nuggets + Dip Shootout

The Premise of the Chicken Nuggets Shootout

I wanted to do another food video and got to talking with my friend, Thomas, who suggested that we should do a chicken nugget shootout together. So, he’s in the video and we executed his idea with my methodology.

We essentially followed the idea from the cheeseburger shootout I had done in March, featuring nuggets from McDonald’s, Burger King, Hesburger, and Lidl. It was fun!

(watch the video below)

The Good

Here’s a quick summary of what we learned:

  1. Even if the nuggets from the fast food places look the same, they are not the same in taste or texture.
  2. Not all dips were created equal. Burger King has smartly teamed with Heinz for a superior dip.
  3. The nuggets from Lidl were awesome just on their own, requiring no extra seasoning to be edible.
  4. McDonald’s has most certainly spent time engineering in the perfect combination.
  5. Heinz makes AMAZING sauces! (Needed to be mentioned again)

The Bad

We also learned what should be avoided:

  1. Hesburger dipping sauces were horrid. Specifically the BBQ and Sweet&Sour dips.
  2. Burger King nuggets were dry and tough. (This may have been a bad batch, but we didn’t special order them either.)
  3. Even if Burger King teamed up with Heinz, the combination is not perfect. The superior dips could not correct the bland product.
  4. No KFC in Finland for comparison.
  5. Hesburger nuggets were too greasy.


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You can watch my cheeseburger shootout HERE

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