Original Poetry: “Meeting Jimi” by Jose Bernardo

half deaf guitarist

Meeting Jimi

It started out like a dream
I was floating in the air
Amidst the blazin’ purple haze,
Green horizon,
And an orange moon

The globe was kind of crater like
As if turned inside out
I guess the universe must have shrunk
Kind of

So I asked this guy on the road
“Where am I?”
He said: “Electric Lady Land you fool. Where else?”

I inhaled the sweet scent in the air as I closed my eyes
And when I opened them
I was back
In this stupid chair

This is an original piece by Jose Bernardo.
2000 © Jose Bernardo All Right Reserved

Please note that the poem above is my original work and that I reserve all rights to it. If you wish to use or reprint anything from my website, please contact me first.

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