Poetry: “Pages of History” by Jose Bernardo

Pages of History Pages of history Black and white photography Story lines don’t change The cycle never breaks News on the twitter feed Bite size lives of amenity The characters may change But the plot remains the same Pages of history Struggle for uniformity Tow the social line It’s best to be desensitized The past a great mystery […]

Original Poetry: “He Was My Hero” by Jose Bernardo

Editor’s note: This poem is not autobiographical. It is just fiction. He Was My Hero  He was my hero Flaws and all Similar mistrusts Insecurities and looks Hair that hides the eyes to the world Those windows to the soul Invisible behind that curtain A mind of a voyeur He was not perverse in his […]

Original Poetry: “Situation: hopeless.” by Jose Bernardo

Situation: hopless.  I bend and break and twist deep within and the blackness is harder to manage day by day The weight of this state – crushing The crushing in my chest The abyss I feel is mightier than I could contemplate Resignation, complete defeat, nigh I am a reluctant prisoner I detest my situation […]

Original Poetry: “Whisper” by Jose Bernardo

Whisper If I was but a whisper, a short, nigh inaudible breath, a sigh of relief of a soul in limbo, a cool of winter, a calm of dusk, I’d sail away from the lips that spoke me, I’d echo for a moment in the space between, then fade as quickly as I came to […]

Original Poetry: “Today” by Jose Bernardo

Today Today, the sun shined and gave off its warmth Today, I found, never felt this before Today, the light shined in my face And I saw you smiling at me in the shade Today, I know that I can reach the sky Today, I feel that I am really alive Today, I have not […]