Original Poetry: “Lost to Her in Thought” by Jose Bernardo

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Lost to Her in Thought

I set sail onto a sea of troubles
Tempest are thy waves
Only a faint thought lingers in the back of my mind
As I fight the elements to balance my ship
My true love is in my mind’s eye

I cast a glance at the sea
Angrily it tosses me from side to side
The waves crash onto the deck
My true love is gone from my mind’s eye

The storm dies
The wind cries not
It is dead

I find myself, intact,
Surprised, relieved,
My true love will be pleased.
She returns into my mind’s eye.

She smiles, I wink…

Every spare moment that I have
I think of my true love
Pine for my true love
I am hopelessly lost to her

I long to brush my fingers through her silky hair
Her voice sings to me in my head
Oh the siren that she is
And what of me…
I am no hero
I am no great accomplisher
Just a mere mortal

Just one look from her . . .

I die a thousand deaths in her presence
I am found when she speaks my name

She’s a drug, my drug,
and I am like a heroin addict.
I need my fix
and she’s worth it

Four, Three, Two, ONE!

I’ve fallen back in to my conscious mind

Was it all a dream?
Why do I feel so strange?

She’s marked my soul and stolen my heart
That’s the only answer I have

This is an original piece by Jose Bernardo.
2004 © Jose Bernardo All Right Reserved

Please note that the poem above is my original work and that I reserve all rights to it. If you wish to use or reprint anything from my website, please contact me first.

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