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I made a little video about my acoustic pedalboard. The one in the video is a bit different from the one I posted on Instagram a few days ago.

I had to take off my Malekko Trem and Xotic EP Booster, so the board currently consists of only pedals from TC Electronic. The pedals are all mini pedals from TC and they are:

Polytune, BodyRez, Corona, Flashback, and Hall of Fame

If I was using the board in a performance situation, I would have my Countryman Type 85 DI box at the end of the chain.

What do I want to change/add?

I’d love to have a tremolo, octave (down), and a boost on this board. I think a low gain pedal could be fun as well.

How am I using this acoustic-pedalboard?

I’m using this board only with my Maton Mini Diesel Special or my Breedlove Passport C250/CMe-T.

I would not use the BodyRez with my Martin OMCPA3 as it has the Fishman Aura system built in to the guitar. Otherwise, everything else stays the same when I’m going to play with the OMCPA3 and I am plugging in.

I’ll have to do a separate video to explain what I do with my Godin Multiac and MultiUke.

Do I use this acoustic-pedalboard when I’m making cover videos?

No. Usually, I am plugged in to the BodyRez only before that signal goes into the Apogee Jam. I will normally add effects that I need in Logic. (This only applies to my Maton and Breedlove.)

My Martin gets plugged directly into the Apogee.

The nylon string guitars get plugged into the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Preamp and then into the Apogee before going into Logic.

Why don’t you mic up?

I don’t use mics because the room I am in is not 100% quiet. The walls between studios are also not 100% sound proof in the rehearsal complex. If I could mic up, I would, but that would also require me to buy a few mics as I know from experience that an SM57 will not produce the best results on acoustic guitar.

Below is the video and also a copy of the Instagram post




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