Lessons & Tips: Top 5 Items/Things Needed for Successful Practice (Episode 1)

Episode 1 (Ep1) – Top 5 Items/Things Needed for Successful Practice

This is the first episode of my “Lessons & Tips” series. In this episode I cover the top 5 things that are needed for a successful practice session.

1. Have a Plan (Episode 2 will go much deeper into this topic)
2. Have a Tuner
3. Have a Metronome
4. Have a Timer (This will be explained further in Episode 2)
5. Record Yourself

1. Have a Plan

Briefly, having a plan helps keep stress down and mitigate the chance of feeling overwhelmed. It also makes one more aware of time and time management.

I have already completed Episode 2 and it is completely dedicated to this topic. I will go much further into detail next week.

2. Have a Tuner

If you play an instrument like guitar, you need to be in tune. Not only will you feel better about playing an instrument that is in tune, you will probably produce more pleasant sounds to the ear of anyone who can hear you practice. Check your tuning throughout your practice session to make sure that you stay in tune.

3. Have a Metronome

I will delve deep into this in a future episode. There are many ways that practicing with a metronome can be beneficial if done properly.

4. Have a Timer

It doesn’t have to be fancy. I used to use the kitchen timer when I was a kid. Now I use the one that comes on my iPhone. Using a timer can help you stay on track and be focused on the task you are trying to complete.

5. Record Yourself

Try to record your practice sessions. It is very difficult to be objective about your own playing when you’re playing. If you record yourself, you can listen back and be a lot more objective about what is going on.

I used to use small battery powered cassette recorders as a kid. Now I will use my iPhone, laptop, or camera to record myself. I prefer recording audio instead of video to force myself to work on my ear training. However, as my hearing deteriorates, my preference is shifting to video.

Ep1 video can be viewed below


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