Music: “Till I Met You” by Jose Bernardo – Demo vs. Released Version

Demo vs Release

half deaf guitarist

I wrote "Till I Met You" in 1999. The original demo was recorded at my friend's, Matt S., home studio in Boston. He programmed the percussion and I played all the guitars and fretless bass. 

I always liked this composition and it is sort of my signature piece of music. I printed the Z Demo cd in 2000 for friends and family to showcase what I had been up to at Berklee. So some people heard the demo version long ago. 

The version that is on my solo album, "Outside Looking In", was either recorded at Eric Ecklund's place or my place in Boston during the OLI sessions. The main part was recorded in one performance all the way through and is the 2nd take. I messed up half way through on the first take. The solo was overdubbed. 

“Till I Met You” – Original Demo from 2000

“Till I Met You” from “Outside Looking In” (2006)

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