Journal: Naming New Projects

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Naming New Projects

I am naming a few new projects and finding it a bit hard to do so. I am normally pretty good at coming up with names. For some strange reason, I can’t seem to come up with a name for the any of them. So, I’ll share a little bit about the first project. Maybe I’ll get some help from you.

Project One

My new studio. I have been quiet about this since the lease has yet to be signed, but it is happening. It is a brand new rehearsal complex and they are still building the interior and the spaces. Once I sign the lease, I’ll have to build my studio into my space. Then I can begin to work on the various projects that have been on hold.

All that aside, I can’t seem to come up with a name for the studio. I called my previous studio TWR studios because my business name was The Weekly Riff Ltd.

The one before TWR Studio was called 219 Studios, where I recorded “Outside Looking In”, because the building I was in was 219.

Those were easy to name. Now I face a challenge. What should I call this space? The location itself is not that inspiring for naming the place. I am inspired by the idea of getting a work space, but the location is an old industrial building in a not particularly scenic area.

The following are not exactly inspiring names:

Project One Studio

Low Watt Studio

Should I go with a Finnish name since I am in Finland?

I don’t know what I should do.

The Three Word Monikers

I find that I am stuck with monikers that consist of three words. Here’s a few of the previous ones I’ve used:

The Weekly Riff

Sonic Bloom Theory

Acoustic Bloom Theory

Outside Looking In

One Last Pulse

Move n’ Pick

Even my current moniker, Half Deaf Guitarist, conforms to this naming style.

I am trying to come up with names for my new projects that are shorter and more to the point. Especially the podcast projects that are coming up. (But that is a whole other journal entry in the future.)

If you think of something cool, shoot me a message via twitter, facebook, or the contact page. Thanks!

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