CD Review: The Veer Union – “Against The Grain”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : The Veer Union
Album : Against The Grain (2009 Universal Motown Records)
Tracks : 12

Artist website :


This is the second album from The Veer Union, but don’t go looking for the first one under this current band name. The first album was released under the name Veer.

This Canadian “post-grunge” quintet really sounds more like a modern poppy-hard-rock band. There are moments when I went “oh, that sort of sounds like Stained” or “Sevendust” or “Nickelback”. 

I found this album to have great energy. Very enjoyable. 


Into Your Garden, Your Love Kills Me


Track 1 –  Seasons
Good opening track. Good energy and groove.

Track 2 – Youth of Yesterday
Cool track. Huge vocals on this one. 

Track 3 – Over Me
Cool track. 

Track 4 – Darker Side of Me 
Cool track again! 

Track 5 – I’m Sorry
Balladesque track. Very predictable. 

Track 6 – Final Moment
Good energy. 

Track 7 – Better Believe It 
Not bad. Some cool ideas in here.

Track 8 – Into Your Garden
I really dug this track.

Track 9 – Your Love Kills Me
Very cool track!

Track 10 – Breathing In
I couldn’t connect with this track.

Track 11 – Where I Want to Be
Cool track. 

Track 12 – What Have We Done
I really didn’t care for this track. This should have been left off the album all together.

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