CD Review: Toby Keith – “American Ride”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : Toby Keith
Album : American Ride (2009 Show Dog Nashville)
Tracks : 12

Artist website :


This is country superstar Toby Keith’s 13th studio album. This album feels a little bit more serious than his previous releases. In true Nashville fashion, the musicianship is awesome. Great arrangements here.

Overall, an enjoyable album to listen to.


American Ride, Are You Feelin’ Me?, Woke Up On My Own, You Can’t Read My Mind


Track 1 – American Ride
Great groove! It’s almost a southern rock tune. If there were no fiddles on this track, it would definitely qualify. But them fiddles keep it country. The chorus is really catchy.  

Track 2 – Gypsy Driftin’
This one’s a mid tempo rocker. Kind of generic. Nice melody though.

Track 3 – Are You Feelin’ Me?
This has a ballad feel to it. Very old school. As if I was playing a vinyl record and not listening to something I loaded in iTunes. Very cool.  

Track 4 – Every Dog Has Its Day
Modern, up tempo, country track. Great energy on this one. 

Track 5 – Woke Up On My Own
A very nice ballad. Awesome solo!

Track 6 – If You’re Tryin’ You Ain’t 
Another rocking track with a good groove and cool riffs. There are also big backing vocals on this track that make it sound old school or like Sunday morning in a Southern church.

Track 7 – Cryin’ for Me (Wayman’s Song)
This a ballad in the truest sense. However, I didn’t feel like it fit in with the rest of this record. It had a Kenny G feel to it. I don’t understand why this was chosen as the 2nd single to represent this album. 

Track 8 – If I Had One
Up tempo modern country. Mr. Keith really shines on tunes like this. 

Track 9 – You Can’t Read My Mind
2 beat country style. This song has those classic funny lyrics that Mr. Keith are known for. Possibly my favorite song on the album. 

Track 10 – Tender As I Wanna Be
Very pretty power balladesque tune. This was designed as a cross-over track for sure. 

Track 11 – Loaded
Good opening riff and great groove on this track. 

Track 12 – Ballad of Balad
Stylistically, this is an old school country ballad. However, the lyrical content is very modern. It’s pretty much commentary on the current war and being in the army in this day and age. 

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