CD Review: Steven Wilson – “4 1/2”

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Artist : Steven Wilson
Album : 4 1/2 (2016 Kscope)
Tracks : 6

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This is my first listen to Steven Wilson’s 4 1/2. I have heard bits and pieces of his solo work and will be listening to all of his solo records and documenting my first impressions of them all in future posts.

I am a huge fan of his body of work with Porcupine Tree and am very happy with Steven’s solo albums. (Even if I wish Porcupine Tree would regroup one day.)

4 1/2 is sort of in between an album and an EP. Not quite being either. It is kind of an interim release between Wilson’s 4th and 5th solo albums. I loved this disc right from the first song. I can tell that I will be listening to this one a lot.


Not a bad moment on the whole record. Fantastic all the way through.


Track 1 –  My Book of Regrets

Lovely song. Instant classic. So many elements in this song musically. Very poppy in places and almost like Transatlantic in places – yet very strongly a Steven Wilson production. I love the melodies and the instrumental sections. I think this is a great track.

Track 2 – Year of the Plague

Instrumental. Beautiful, ambient and mellow. Just close your eyes and surrender to the music.

Track 3 – Happiness III

This one is upbeat and happy. I don’t know whether to classify this song as pop/rock or prog – or perhaps I shouldn’t get caught up with trying to classify this track. I will just continue to enjoy it and just call it “good music”.

Track 4 – Sunday Rain Sets In

Beautiful! Another instrumental. Just surrender to it. You’ll be alright.

Track 5 – Vermillioncore

This has a lot of the elements that I love about Porcupine Tree’s music. Almost like “Wedding Nails” in a way, but different. Very cool track!

Track 6 – Don’t Hate Me

I almost hesitate to call this “fusion” and in a way it is just that. There are so many different styles infused here and it would not be fair to just say “prog” here. It is so much more than just “prog” or “fusion”. This track is just such a joy to listen to. The musicians on this track are superb. (not to say that this isn’t the case on the whole record, as the whole record is packed with excellent performances)

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