CD Review: Revolution Renaissance – “Age of Aquarius”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist: Revolution Renaissance
Album: Age of Aquarius (2009 Scarlet Records/JVC)
Tracks: 9

Artist website:


So, here it is finally, Timo Tolkki’s new project after the whole Stratovarius thing. Earlier this year we reviewed the new Stratovarius album that was sans Tolkki.

I’m not sure if this is to be considered the first proper album of Revolution Renaissance or if this is considered the second album. Either way, the music on this album is doesn’t really sound like power metal. Not what I expected, to be honest. It’s good to hear Tolkki’s playing and that he seems to have gotten his act together.

Overall, this is a good effort. The music is not bad. (Though a bit on the mellow side for me in places.) I’m looking forward to hearing more from Tolkki and his new band in the future.


Age of Aquarius, Ixion’s Wheel, Behind The Mask, Kyrie Eleison


Track 1 – Age of Aquarius
Great opening track. It has great energy and is well constructed. 

Track 2 – Sins of My Beloved
So-so. We didn’t really like this one so much. 

Track 3 – Ixion’s Wheel
Another slow song? Nope, this rocks, but it really reminds me of Nightwish’s song Bye Bye Beautiful in the verses and the way it grooves. 

Track 4 – Behind The Mask
Solid rock song. 

Track 5 – Ghost of Fallen Grace
MEH. Longwinded. It has pretty moments but was kind of boring.

Track 6 – Heart of All
So-so, again. Good guitar work though.

Track 7 – So She Wars Black
Very dramatic. Pretty cool in spots. This is also the longest track on the album. A bit taxing in a few spots.

Track 8 – Kyrie Eleison
This was great! Very well composed.

Track 9 – Into the Future
If this is any indication, the future looks to be a bright and optimistic one. 

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