CD Review: Red – “Innocence & Instinct”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : Red
Album : Innocence & Instinct (2009 Sony BMG/Essential Records)
Tracks : 10

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This is the second studio effort from Red, an American Christian metal band. The band is based out of Nashville, which is kind of an odd city for metal. The sound of Red is that of modern metal. At times I was reminded of Linkin Park in terms of the sounds and arrangements.

It was a surprise to me just how heavy these guys are! I was not expecting that at all. I was totally trying to avoid listening to the lyrics so I can’t tell you whether they are preachy or not. Don’t ask and just enjoy the music for what it is!

Overall an enjoyable record; however, I don’t see this album spending any major time on my playlists.


Shadows, Ordinary World, Out From Under


Track 1 – Fight Inside
Quite heavy in the choruses. However, too mellow to be an opening track in my opinion.

Track 2 – Death of Me
Cool track. 

Track 3 – Mystery of You
This is a modern pop/metal track. 

Track 4 – Start Again
This one is kind of a modern power ballad. I didn’t really dig this track; although, it had a nice melody.

Track 5 – Never Be the Same
This starts out like a cross-over poppy track with hard rock features. It’s a mellow track. Then it becomes a bit heavier but still kind of remains in cross-over mode. 

Track 6 – Confession (What’s Inside My Head)
A modern metal track that remains melodic. 

Track 7 – Shadows
Cool track. I dug this. The verses were different and the chorus melody was strong. Good arrangement too. 

Track 8 – Ordinary World
A cover of the hit song by Duran Duran. This is a pretty good cover version of this song. Kudos!

Track 9 – Out From Under
Possibly the heaviest track on the album Loved it! I was surprised to find out Richard Marx had cowritten this track. 

Track 10 – Take It All Away
My least favorite track on the album. Super mellow and ambient. This track did not belong on this album.

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