CD Review: Prince – “LOTUSFLOW3R”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : Prince
Album : LOTUSFLOW3R (2009 NPG)
Tracks : 12

Artist website :


In a career spanning three decades, LOTUSFLOW3R is the twenty-sixth studio album by Prince. He has pushed his art over the boundaries of what is current many times and has continued to be innovative despite the fact that his popularity may have suffered in the 90’s when he took on an unpronounceable symbol for a name. 

LOTUSFLOW3R is great. It just shows that Prince is still writing music that is relevant and fresh. It is delicate in places and powerful in other spots. It’s a dynamic album that doesn’t just offer one sound through out. The guitar performances on this album are particularly stunning!


If I had still been running TWR this April, I would have no doubt had an “in memory of” issue dedicated to The Purple One. Prince was gone too soon. I’ll definitely have to do a few write ups for the HDG Reviews that are still in the future or just a couple of blog posts about Prince songs that mean the world to me. Prince left a huge impression on me. He was an artist I tried to understand growing up. His music still gives me a lot to study and learn from – but most importantly, his music gives me joy. I will miss looking forward to what new music he makes next, but look forward to the release of the secrets in the vault. See you in the Purple Rain!


4Ever, Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful, Dreamer


Track 1 – From the Lotus…
An ambient, jazzy, and funky instrumental track to start things off. Nice!

Track 2 – Boom
This one’s a very sexy funk track in the vein of classic Prince. 

Track 3 – Crimson and Clover
Track 2 segues seamlessly into this track. Prince borrows a little from Jimi Hendrix on this track. 

Track 4 – 4Ever
This song has a great groove! Funky and soulful! 

Track 5 – Colonized Mind
Wonderful groove on this one. The lyrical content is political in nature. 

Track 6 – Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful
Awesome old school funky track! 

Track 7 – Love Like Jazz
Great track!

Track 8 – 77 Beverly Park
Track 7 kind of segues into this track. However, this track is totally different from the previous one, once it gets started. This track is a really pretty instrumental! 

Track 9 – Wall of Berlin
Cool track. 

Track 10 – $
Cool track. 

Track 11 – Dreamer
My favorite track on the whole album!

Track 12 – …Back to the Lotus  
Just like the opening track, this one is an instrumental too. Nice idea in book ending the CD this way. 

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