CD Review: Periphery – “Juggernaut: Omega”

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Artist : Periphery
Album : Juggernaut: Omega (2015 Sumerian/Century Media)
Tracks : 7

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This is disc 2 of the two CD set Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega, the third studio effort from the progressive metal band Periphery. I’ve done a separate post on disc 1.

I really like this band. They’re very musical, modern, and heavy. The musicianship is superb. Their brand of progressive metal is very different from what I think of when I think of the genre. There are elements that are popular in modern metal in this music and there is very little of what I would consider “classic” progressive metal in their music.

These tracks are heavier than the first disc. Overall, this disc is very good.


Priestess, Omega, Stranger Things, and Graveless


Track 1 –  Reprise

Restating the theme from disc 1 – Alpha

Track 2 – The Bad Thing

Very heavy! I like the vocal work here.

Track 3 – Priestess

Very pretty! I like this one a lot.

Track 4 – Graveless

Very heavy again! This one has more energy than track 2.

Track 5 – Hell Below

Even if this one is really heavy, I didn’t really connect with this one. Not my favorite.

Track 6 – Omega

The longest track of the 2 disc set at 11:44. There is an urgency and energy in this track that had me at the edge of my seat as I was listening. Good melodies and arrangement. I really liked the short guitar solo that starts right before the 9-minute mark.

Track 7 – Stranger Things

Melodic. I really enjoyed the layered guitar work on this track. Great way to close an album.

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