CD Review: Norah Jones – “The Fall”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : Norah Jones
Album : The Fall (2009 Blue Note/EMI)
Tracks : 13

Artist website :


This is the fourth studio album from Ms. Jones since she took the world by storm in 2002. Ms. Jones’ eclectic stylings have definitely evolved over the last few years. This album is a bit less “jazz” and a bit more “indie” sonically. The music is still very intelligent even if the sonically this album might have a bit “lo-fi-indie” thing going for it.

Enjoyable to listen to, on the whole. If you are looking for the delicate jazz stylings of the first 2 albums, don’t look for them here.


Light As a Feather, I Wouldn’t Need You, Waiting, It’s Gonna Be, You’ve Ruined Me, Stuck, Man of the Hour


Track 1 – Chasing Pirates
Cute song. Really dug this one. 

Track 2 – Even Though
Cool track but really repetitive. 

Track 3 – Light As a Feather
I really like this track. 

Track 4 – Young Blood
Interesting track. Very retro. 

Track 5 – I Wouldn’t Need You
Cute track. Very retro again. 

Track 6 – Waiting 
I really dig this track. 

Track 7 – It’s Gonna Be
This has a feel of a blues/rock track from the late ’60s. Awesome!

Track 8 – You’ve Ruined Me
This has a bit of those “jazz” stylings akin to Ms. Jones’ previous efforts. Beautiful track. 

Track 9 – Back to Manhattan
Very jazzy and very old school at the same time. 

Track 10 – Stuck
Nice track! Possibly my favorite on the whole record. 

Track 11 – December
Very pretty track. This is the only track on this album that is as delicate as some of Jones’ previous work. 

Track 12 – Tell Yer Mama
Cute track, but I couldn’t really connect with it.

Track 13 – Man of the Hour
This one’s great!

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