CD Review: The Kandidate – “Until We Are Outnumbered”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : The Kandidate
Album : Until We Are Outnumbered (2010 Napalm Records)
Tracks : 10

Artist website :


From the Napalm Records press release:
Denmark has always been a reliable source of first-class metal and The Kandidate substantiates this statement more than ever with their debut “Until We Are Outnumbered”. Screamer Jacob Bredahl (ex HateSphere) and his allies show the metal community just how it is done with high-velocity riffs, murderous grooves, frantic leads, and rock-hard drumming crowned by merciless vocals. The Kandidate delivers a metal inferno able to supply the scene with newfound energy. The tracks on “Until We Are Outnumbered” rage unabated, free of superfluous embellishment, and will surely provide for a cherished dose of neck pain. In short, metal fans will love this album!

Normally, record companies issue statements that are all hype; however, that last sentence in the press release does not fall short of the truth! In fact, that press release is spot on and honest!

This is kind of like an old school metal album. It’s extremely raw and highly energetic. Hungry. This new band is definitely worth listening to. We really can’t fault them on anything. We’re proud to call ourselves fans now, how about you?


Give up all Hope, In Hell, The Kill, Enemy, Yours Truly


Track 1 –  Strength Through Diversity
Good opening track. Raw energy and some very cool riffing. What is there not to like?

Track 2 –  Give up all Hope
Very cool track. Really liked some of the riffs here. 

Track 3 –  Shut ’em Up
Cool track. 

Track 4 –  Distress and Decay
Cool track.

Track 5 – In Hell
Cool groove. Lot’s of great ideas. Kind of catchy!

Track 6 – We conform to the Unrighteous
Interesting track. It was kind of run of the mill for me. 

Track 7 –  Live a Lie
This one’s more in the school of modern metal. High octane and a live show crowd pleaser I’m sure. 

Track 8 – The Kill
There is a little hint of Slipknot in this track. Cool track. 

Track 9 – Enemy 
This has got to be the heaviest track on the whole album! Very energetic! 

Track 10 – Yours Truly
Whoa! What a way to finish off the album! I was not expecting this. =)


Big thanks to Ben @ Napalm Records!

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