CD Review: Jennifer Palor – “Jenerations”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist: Jennifer Palor
Album: Jenerations (2009 Tableau Records)
Tracks: 9

Artist website: 


There is no question that Jennifer Palor is a gifted singer. That is quite clear on this album. This album is especially great if one just wants to relax and put something on in the back ground after a long day.

There are moments when I feel that the soloists are taking up more space rather than allowing Jennifer’s voice to fill in everything. However, this is a Jazz record and not a pop record, so this is to be expected within the genre.

All the musicians on this album are absolutely great! In that sense, I don’t mind listening to the solos. The arrangements are great too. The production team of Roel Garcia and Dan LaVelle did a great job. LaVelle also wrote (or co-wrote) much of the album’s contents and his songs are very nice.

Keep an ear and eye out for this artist. She’s going places.


Garota De Ipanema (Girl From Ipanema)


Track 1 – Fly Me To The Moon (Howard)
This is a nice, hip, new arrangement of an old classic. Wonderful choice for an opening track!

Track 2 – Cuckoo (Makita & LaVelle)
Very pretty mid-tempo song.  

Track 3 – Because I Do (LaVelle)
This song has a similar feel to Michael Jackson’s “The Girl Is Mine”. It’s a bit less pop and a lot more jazz. I do wish the bass drum was a bit tighter on this track. 

Track 4 – Until I Find Some Light (LaVelle)
This is a nice, light and atmospheric, ballad. The minimalist approach here pays off. It really allows for Jennifer’s voice to be the focal point. It has a little bit of an old-school Motown feel. 

Track 5 – Boracay (LaVelle)
This song has touches of Latin Jazz in it. It is also a very nice tune and it is no wonder that Zest Airlines wanted to use this as their theme music. 

Track 6 – Sugar (Turrentine)
This is a nice arrangement of Stanley Turretine’s tune. It mixes textures of modern and old R&B. The solos are there to remind us that it is a jazz album though. 

Track 7 – Garota De Ipanema (Girl From Ipanema) (Jobim)
Here’s another new take on a classic standard and it is great! This is easily my favorite track on the album.

Track 8 – Love’s Ecstacy (LaVelle)
Here’s another tune that has that Latin Jazz feel and it strategically follows Track 7. 

Track 9 – Last Bloom (McCandless)
This is a very fitting album closer as it is tranquil. Airy and simple. 


Core Musicians:

Jennifer Palor: Lead and Background Vocals
Roel Garcia: Piano, Keyboards, Synth Programming
Dan LaVelle: Electric, Acoustic, and Synth Guitars
Rickard Malmsten: Electric Bass
Anthony Fernandez: Drums

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