CD Review: Finntroll – “Nifelvind”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : Finntroll
Album : Nifelvind (2010 Century Media)
Tracks : 11

Artist website :


Nifelvind is the sixth from the Finnish folk metal heroes, Finntroll. Their lyrics are ironically in Swedish.

I had never listened to any of their albums in entirety until now. I must say that I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t have more of their albums. This stuff is pretty cool!

The music has an energy and urgency about it that really captures the listener.  Even if you wouldn’t understand a single word grunted or sung, the music is plenty enjoyable to listen to just on its own merits. Overall, a very cool album worth checking out if you like your metal to be fast and melodic with lots of grunting.


Every track has something good. It was hard to pick a highlight.


Track 1 –  Blodmarsch (Intro)
This short track sets the scene for the album. It’s a piece that is a cross between something you would hear cinematically as the cameras pan around Mordor.

Track 2 – Solsagan
It’s pretty cool that they sped up the theme from the intro into this song. This track has a great energy and is really one of those pieces that gets the adrenalin flowing. Great energy!

Track 3 – Den frusna munnen
Cool track.

Track 4 – Ett norrskensdåd
Crushing and folky. Interesting blend. 

Track 5 – I trändens sång
Wow! Brutal and incredibly fast! Almost like what would happen if one would combine the best elements of Lamb of God, Opeth, and Stratovarius.

Track 6 –  Tiden utan tid
Talk about heavy! This song should be one of those songs that should be included when defining heavy metal music. 

Track 7 – Galgansång
There isn’t a trace of “metal” in this track. It’s a folk song. Actually a cool track to have in the middle of all the heaviness. Well thought out in terms of pacing out the album.

Track 8 –  Mot skuggornas värld
Very cool track! It has some elements of the Finnish “Humppa” music in it and manages to stay heavy. 

Track 9 –  Under bergets rot
Cool track. 

Track 10 – Fornfamnad
Interesting track. Some folky stuff and some symphonic stuff, and some power metal stuff. 

Track 11 – Dråp
Great way to close a great album. Heavy and crushing.

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