CD Review: Chris Young – “The Man I Want To Be”

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CD Review

This review was originally written by Jose Bernardo for between 2008 and 2010.

These were Jose’s first impressions of the songs and were not written after multiple spins.

Artist : Chris Young
Album : The Man I Want To Be (2009 RCA Nashville)
Tracks : 10

Artist website :


This is the sophomore effort from country artist, Chris Young. In typical Nashville style, the musicianship on this album is outstanding. A few of the songs really feel like they were penned in the quick formula style. Mr. Young’s vocals are very good. He brings soul to those formulaic lyrics.

The whole album is just over 30 minutes long. Overall, it’s a very good effort.


That Makes Me and Getting’ You Home


Track 1 – That Makes Me
Awesome opening track. Really catchy. I loved the chorus. 

Track 2 – Voices
Cool track. 

Track 3 – The Dashboard 
This one’s a mellow track. The lyrics felt formulaic. 

Track 4 – Getting’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)
Great track! 

Track 5 – It Takes A Man 
Nice track. I liked the lyrics. 

Track 6 – The Shoebox
I couldn’t get into this track. 

Track 7 – Rose In Paradise
This one is a duet with country legend, Willie Nelson. It’s a cool track. 

Track 8 – Twenty One Candles
Great uptempo track. 

Track 9 – The Man I Want To Be
This is the title track. It’s a mellow one. I’ll be honest, I just couldn’t get in to this track at all. 

Track 10 – Rainy Night In Georgia
Nice, mellow, track.

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