CD Review: Anthrax – “For All Kings”

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Artist : Anthrax
Album : For All Kings (2016 Megaforce/Nuclear Blast)
Tracks : 13

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Anthrax, one of the big four, should require no introduction. This album is the eleventh from the thrash metal masters.

This album has all the energy and heaviness that one would expect. It delivers and does not in any way fall short. The songwriting is very good. The choruses in most cases are memorable. The guitar solos are very interesting. Great album from start to finish.


Monster at the End 

Breathing Lighting


Track 1 –  Impaled

Very neat overture! This sets up the mood very well.

Track 2 – You Gotta Believe

Good song. Great energy.

Track 3 – Monster at the End

Very good groove. Awesome melodies.

Track 4 – For All Kings

Heavy! I really like the opening riff here.

Track 5 – Breathing Lighting

I mean no disrespect when I say that the first few bars of this song had me thinking: “Why does this sound like Bon Jovi?” But that went out the window when the drums and rhythm guitars kicked in.

The chorus is very catchy. I’ll be humming this all day.

Track 6 – Breathing Out

Cool outro for the previous track. This is short. 56 seconds long.

Track 7 – Suzerain

Back to heavy and thrashing. Tight. This has a few sections where it felt like there were some modern metal elements to it comparable to Periphery in sound.

Track 8 – Evil Twin

I like the chromatic notes in the main riff. Cool. Heavy and melodic. Good chorus.

Track 9 – Blood Eagle Wings

I really liked the intro and the riff on the verses. Heavy and melodic again.

Track 10 – Defend/Avenge

Really heavy. Perhaps the heaviest song on the album so far. I enjoyed the way the guitar solo started.

Track 11 – All of Them Thieves

This one is even heavier than the previous track! Whoa! But a bit repetitive in the riff and feel.

Track 12 – This Battle Chose Us!

Straight up thrash served up fast and speedy. It didn’t even feel like a 4:53 long song. It went by quick.

Track 13 – Zero Tolerance

Even more of a blitzkrieg when compared to the previous track.


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