Lessons & Tips: Top 5 (overlooked) Essential-Guitar-Accessories

Top 5 Essential-Guitar-Accessories

All opinions expressed here are IMHO and all expressed in the video below.

1. A Good Gig Bag

This is not an area where you want to be stingy. You don’t have to have the latest and greatest, most expensive gig bag, but you do want to have something that is well made.

2. A Music Stand

Music stands are awesome. I have three different stands that I use regularly. All made by Hercules Stands. They’re reliable and well built. I’m sure there are other good ones out there. I’ve heard good things about K&M stands.

Try to avoid cheap, flimsy stands. Again, it is not a question of getting the most expensive stand. It’s a question of getting something reliable.

3. A Tuner

I can’t count the number of times I have had to lend a tuner to someone who doesn’t have one. If you own a smartphone, there is certainly no excuse to not have a tuner with you at all times.

Please, do your listener a favor and be in tune.

4. Capos

Using a capo is not cheating. It is called being smart. If you work with singers, you will be so happy you have a capo with you. I’m always looking out for a good capo design. Some are really expensive. I like the design and quality of the G7th capos.

5. Strap Locks

Have you ever had a guitar drop on you during a gig while you’re playing? I have. All that stopped after I started to use strap locks. I like the ones made by Dunlop. I’ve tried a few others. Pick one that fits your needs and rock on.

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