Original Poetry: “A Pointless Poem” by Jose Bernardo

A Pointless Poem Words Flow For no apparent reason Their existence Is perhaps Pointless Hurt, anger, happiness Thought, fantasies Human Madness Reverse Forward Talk with hands Talk to the hand Lies Truth Beliefs I’ll argue!?! Pointless! Useful! Why bother . . . Do you listen??????????????? This is an original piece by Jose Bernardo. 2001 © […]

Journal: “OLI” was released 10 years ago

Outside Looking In turns 10 today (August 22)I can’t believe it has been a decade since the release of OLI! Has it really been a decade?Making OLIOLI took about a year to go from pre-production to final released product. I recorded all of my bass tracks and most of my vocals at my apartment in Allston, Massachusetts. The bulk […]

Journal: Autumn-2016 – What I’ve Learned in the Past Year

Signs of Autumn-2016 It is autumn-2016, the signs are clear. The air is cooler. The kids are back at school. People seem busier as the relaxed summer disposition subsides. It’s fall. The leaves will soon begin to change color and the temperature will steadily begin to drop as we head towards winter. Here in the north, […]

Journal: Hearing Aid Experiment Part-3

The Hearing Aid Experiment Part-3I’ve used my hearing aid for about one month now and this is part-3 of my journey with this tech in my ear.I’ve really gotten used to wearing the hearing aid now. I’m not entirely comfortable with all the high frequencies I’m hearing, but at least my ear canal has gotten […]

Journal: Webmaster Experiment

How I Got Started as a Webmaster and got in to Webdesign I hired a webmaster when I launched my first website 10 years ago. I was not confident that I could learn to do this. At the time, it seemed like every website required coding and I didn’t know the first thing about it. I also […]

Original Poetry: “He Was My Hero” by Jose Bernardo

Editor’s note: This poem is not autobiographical. It is just fiction. He Was My Hero  He was my hero Flaws and all Similar mistrusts Insecurities and looks Hair that hides the eyes to the world Those windows to the soul Invisible behind that curtain A mind of a voyeur He was not perverse in his […]

Journal: The Hearing Aid Experiment – Part 2

So, after a little over a week, I have gotten used to wearing the hearing aid. It has helped me hear certain things and frequencies better. It has also served to annoy me, since I can now hear high frequencies while wearing it. I can hear paper rustling from across a room. I can hear […]

Journal: The Breakfast Experiment

No Breakfast I stopped eating breakfast after I got out of military service in 1998. I was always nocturnal by nature, and in a way, still am. This past spring (2016), I began to question whether or not I could change and become an early riser. This prospect scared me. The calm of working at […]

Journal: The Hearing Aid Experiment

Let Me Hear You I got a hearing aid today. I am overwhelmed because I am hearing sounds I have never heard before. I’m looking at this as a new experiment and I have to give it a couple of weeks. I hope I will get used to wearing it. I’ll definitely be writing more about the […]

Original Poetry: “Whisper” by Jose Bernardo

Whisper If I was but a whisper, a short, nigh inaudible breath, a sigh of relief of a soul in limbo, a cool of winter, a calm of dusk, I’d sail away from the lips that spoke me, I’d echo for a moment in the space between, then fade as quickly as I came to […]