Journal: Webmaster Experiment

How I Got Started as a Webmaster and got in to Webdesign I hired a webmaster when I launched my first website 10 years ago. I was not confident that I could learn to do this. At the time, it seemed like every website required coding and I didn’t know the first thing about it. I also […]

Site Update: My poetry, art, and music posts

Hey y’all, Here’s this weeks blog about my posts here. This week’s review is a book review. I read Extreme Ownership and I feel that it is a must read for parents even if it was written by Navy SEALs. Check it out in the reviews section or in the blog section. I used to […]

Site Update: Welcome to My New Site

Hi! Welcome to my new site. Welcome. This has been about a year in the making. I have prepared a lot of new material for this site and will update the blog every week. As you can tell, this blog is not empty. There is a ton of stuff here already at launch. Along with […]

Site Update: Revisiting the TWR reviews and reprinting them

TWR REVISITED As I was putting this new site together I felt it was time to revive some of my old writings for The Weekly Riff webzine. I wrote 197 reviews for TWR. Most of the bands I reviewed have stopped being bands, so I didn’t include those reviews on this site. I reprinted most of […]

Article: Defending “meh”

As I have been going through the process of reprinting my old CD reviews for The Weekly Riff webzine (written in 2008 – 2010) for this site, I noticed that I used the term “meh” a lot in my reviews. In my defence, I am not using it as a cop out or to be […]