Journal: “OLI” was released 10 years ago

Outside Looking In turns 10 today (August 22)I can’t believe it has been a decade since the release of OLI! Has it really been a decade?Making OLIOLI took about a year to go from pre-production to final released product. I recorded all of my bass tracks and most of my vocals at my apartment in Allston, Massachusetts. The bulk […]

Journal: Webmaster Experiment

How I Got Started as a Webmaster and got in to Webdesign I hired a webmaster when I launched my first website 10 years ago. I was not confident that I could learn to do this. At the time, it seemed like every website required coding and I didn’t know the first thing about it. I also […]

Journal: The Hearing Aid Experiment – Part 2

So, after a little over a week, I have gotten used to wearing the hearing aid. It has helped me hear certain things and frequencies better. It has also served to annoy me, since I can now hear high frequencies while wearing it. I can hear paper rustling from across a room. I can hear […]

Journal: The Breakfast Experiment

No Breakfast I stopped eating breakfast after I got out of military service in 1998. I was always nocturnal by nature, and in a way, still am. This past spring (2016), I began to question whether or not I could change and become an early riser. This prospect scared me. The calm of working at […]

Journal: The Hearing Aid Experiment

Let Me Hear You I got a hearing aid today. I am overwhelmed because I am hearing sounds I have never heard before. I’m looking at this as a new experiment and I have to give it a couple of weeks. I hope I will get used to wearing it. I’ll definitely be writing more about the […]