Lessons & Tips: My Top 5 Apps (for guitar/ukulele)

These are my 5 favorite apps that I use with guitar and ukulele on my iPhone

1. Polytune

I use this app all the time. I have a lot of tuners that I use at home or at my office. However, when I go to guitar shops, I will always need to tune the guitars there when I test them and this app is invaluable.

I have a few other tuning apps but this is the one I tend to use the most.


2. Tempo Advance

Like with the Polytune app, I tend to use this app when I don’t have access to my other metronomes. The tap tempo feature is awesome, as is the fact that I can program this metronome. It is also the only metronome I have that is capable of doing all kinds of time signatures in a very flexible way.


3. Basichords

Again, just like with the two previous apps, I will use this app to look up chords when I’m either too lazy to spell it out myself and figure it out, or I don’t have a copy of my BERKLEE JAZZ GUITAR CHORD DICTIONARY”  book by Rick Peckham with me. 


4. Reverse

I like this app a lot, even if it doesn’t always have an answer for me. This is an app I use when I am unsure how to label something and I want to check a label I’ve come up with.

My version must be an old version. The link below takes you to the current version.


5. Voice Memo

This is just the basic iOs Voice Memo app. I have a Zoom mic that I attach to my iPhone when I use it to record stuff. It’s basic and it works.

(No link – it comes free with your iPhone)


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